What we do on Sundays

MOSAIC Community Church is a new church which began in a garage in Jordan Springs in 2019. After nearly two years of Covid restrictions and being unable to find anywhere else in Jordan Springs to meet, we finally made the move to Llandilo in early 2022 and began meeting in the Llandilo Community Hall.

Because of the newness and size of our gatherings, the first thing you'll notice about our service is that it is simple and very mixed with people of different ages and cultural backgrounds. Some are new to church and / or Christian faith, some are still exploring, and some have come from other churches and denominational backgrounds.

Dress is casual. People are friendly and always happy to see you. And the worship service is simple ...

A short Bible talk helping us to make sense
of God, the world, ourselves, and Jesus

Support, encourage and
pray for one another

Simple and fun activities for kids

Enjoy a free community meal together